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Really fun game

Really fun but too short. I didn’t want it to be over


But not too difficult



I love it

It’s too short.

Great game

Amazing fun

Lost souls

Fantastic game holds your interest and the best thing there’s no hidden costs need more of these games I would play them. All also no time limits make more of these

If this is free

I wanted to play this game to the end. This game at least should be free to the end.

Don’t waste your money

Very disappointing for a G5 game. Secret Society way WAY better. Don’t piss away your $$$$ on this 3rd grade level crap.

Great hidden object game.

You do not have to purchase anything extra!! Amen!

Above the Usual

This is the kind of seek and find game that has the “It” factor! It makes you actually search by moving items or looking inside something to find it. It’s not just a picture with everything is on the screen to find. The graphics are very well done and overall I’m not easily bored with this game as I tend to get with others.

Very enjoyable and entertaining!

After the frustration of playing “Hidden City” this game is so refreshing. It is just challenging enough without being exhausting like I find “Hidden City” to be. I paid a reasonable price and I feel that it is worth what I paid. Those so-called “free” games are a horrendous rip-off. The graphics of this game are beautiful, the mini-games are fun and moderately challenging, and the story line is engaging. My only criticism is that the hints are too slow to re-load.

Lost souls

Game is to short and cost 6.99 not worth the money!!


Got to a certain level and the game keeps looping ads. When I click out of the ads (as I did after every level) it takes me to the next part of the game and when I click to start playing again, the screen goes black and goes to ads. This happened 4x. I closed out the game and went back in and it does the same.


Awesome game. I play it over and over. I only wish the rest of the paintings could be played as well🙂

Great search and find game

Fun to play

Lovely graphics

The game is so attractive it's fun to spend time just looking. It's a bit difficult to keep jumping back and fort but was worth the effort. Definitely worth the price. After playing more times, i like it even better.

Lovely game

I am really enjoying this game. It is fun and interesting. The graphics are deep, lush, and beautiful. I am looking forward to playing the sequel.

Great game

Highly anticipating the next Lost Souls! Great fun series. I am looking forward to the next one!

Too short

Not very challenging, no too many puzzles, too short... It's okay but not worth the price. Paid for collectors edition which is supposed to include added content but got nothing extra.

Curly top

Let's have more of these games

Lost souls

So far so good. Still waiting on sequel for rating other game...

Fun game

I really like this game. I have played their other game like this one. The only thing is they are over to soon.


Very good game!

A lovely game!

So far I'm enjoying the game enough to purchase it for $6.99. I don't think that's an unreasonable price, when a movie at the theater costs at least that & it's over in 2 hrs. I'm a little disappointed that you can "zoom in" on the HO scenes however.. I've had to use the hint button simply because I was straining to see what I was collecting. Too bad because I would've rated the game 5 stars if it weren't for that developer error.

Lost Soul

Great game,I am really enjoying playing this game.Thanks.

Not worth $6.99

I was surprised at how short the game was for the price.

Lost souls

Excellent game .... Wanted more

Long game finally

This game is great. Many levels and when u think it's done. NO! More to go! Fave for sure!

Lost souls

Fun, but expensive for the length of the game.

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings HD

Actually I'm stuck in the room with scales and no key to the door, which should be next move. Keys were in HO's but bib not appear in my inventory. I have a silver key to something else! Help...good game until now...I did pay for this game. Give me the key to open door where the scales are located.


Fun game but way to short for something you have to pay for.

Lost souls 2

Really fun-just challenging enough to make it fun to play

Lost Souls

Very entertaining and easy to navigate!

Great game!!

Great game and a lot of fun!!


I just started playing this game and so far have enjoyed it very well. The story line and graphics are both great and I'm challenged enough to stay interested without getting frustrated. My tired mind likes to keep things simple at the wonderful age of 55. Guess that's why I've suddenly chosen to play fantasy games in my off time... This one fits the bill for me right now. So far so good...

Lost Souls

Need more adventures. Otherwise, a lot of fun. 😀

Good game

The game is good but they should let you know that it's not the full version before I paid for it. The full version is the same price.....

Okay game for kids

When I first saw and played this game I didn't like it much. It's designed more for kids than adults. But, sometimes I just want to play a simple, easy, mindless game, and this fits the bill. When the price is right, I'll buy it.

Lost souls

Very addicting game. Love it!


This game was enjoyable to play. It wasn't too hard to make you frustrated but hard enough to make searching challenging.


I love this game! It might be my all time - at least until I got to the mirrors - crack in the floor - get a key. But when I tried to unlock the door to the office, the key wouldn't work. I tried everything I could think of, including starting the whole game over under a new player name. Got all caught up but no go. Key still won't work. According to hints & guide I can't see where there is another key. Unfortunately I had just paid for the whole game & I can't find any way to contact the company & either fix it or give me my $7 back! If anyone can help me, I'll be forever grateful.

Great game

As always G5 delivered yet another great game. The story was great...the game play was smooth...love it!

Nice game

I'm giving this a 4 because app said free but I had to pay in order to continue the game. Other than that it's a good game.

Lost Souls

I like the game but it needs more hints or some guidance. I am stuck....

Lost souls enchanted paintings

Really enjoyed this game. Played it more then once. Highly recommend. It says it is the collectors addition so when it ends there are more pictures on the wall I thought there would be a bonus chapter but there isn't. But I did really enjoy the game. Wish there was a sequel.

Lost souls

Fun game would like more!

Lost Souls

This is the best game I have ever played. It has everything you would want. You have to really use your mind and common sense to play this game. I just cannot say enough good things about it.


Enjoyed this game.

Love the game but disappointed!

Absolutely love this game - just bummed at how little you can play without buying the full version.

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